the talent village


Zimbabwe Talent Development Village (ZTDV) also known as Talent Village in short is the brainchild of Newman Chiadzwa, curator of Ambassador Art Gallery and Gallery Africa respectively. Newman Chaidzwa also works as advisor to established Art Galleries in Africa and abroad.

He has arranged and successfully conducted exhibitions in USA, China, Australia, Germany and many other countries for the benefit of Zimbabwean artists. The organisation was formed with the objective to identify, nurture, develop and promote Zimbabwean artists from marginalised communities.

This arose from the realisation that Zimbabwe has abounded artistic talent in the arts industry cutting across all art disciplines. Unfortunately the majority of this talent is virtually unknown to the world as it is normally exposed only to rural villagers whose appreciation of the talent is very limited and who have no capacity to nurture and develop it further than being a pastime.

Consequently, the artists do not derive any meaningful benefit from his ingenuity and eventually he/she abandons the talent preferring to work as general hand in mines, farms and factories where there is immediate financial benefit. Talented Artists are thus shying away from the industry of their passion because of hunger since there isn’t a ready market for these works locally.

Art is not easy to sell locally and coupled with the drastic reduction in the number of tourists visiting our country of late, our Artists could not make a living out of their works and hence moved to other industries.

Talent Village realised this sorry state of affairs was killing the beautiful art from Zimbabwe and if no corrective measures or rescue plan is put in place then Zimbabwean art would soon become extinct.

Talent Village therefore embarked on program of identifying talented Artists who were willing to continue practising and producing works of art. Despite the seemingly meagre financial benefits, Talent Village chips in with financial assistance for artists to cope with the following:

  • Raw materials and tools
  • Basic needs
  • Marketing locally and internationally


Talent Village have also taken it upon itself to look after the dependants of deceased artists. Many of our artists have fallen victim to the scourge of AIDS pandemic leaving a huge number of orphans. These departed artists have immensely contributed to the Zimbabwean Art industry and it is felt that the industry should give back to these fallen men and women. We are also confident that the future art in Zimbabwe lies in the hands of some of these children. Therefore not only are we ensuring that these children get a decent education, we also ensure continuity of art in Zimbabwe.

The program has proved to be very popular with the artists and a lot of enquiries are coming from very remote parts of Zimbabwe where artists are seeing a ray of hope for them to return to their field of passion without starving their families. Talent Village is giving Zimbabwean artists a new lease of life. This has seen Talent Village putting together high-quality works of art from various artists that operate from all corners of Zimbabwe, giving us a very rich selection of art produced by the young upcoming as well as the established.

Talent Village aggressively demands ingenuity and uniqueness from its artists. We do not subscribe to the nation of mass production in art. On the contrary we advocate for originality, quality and perfection to detail for all art pieces whether small or big. Our art collection is carefully selected by experienced artists and art dealers whose combined experience in art stretches over 15 years.

Talent Village is committed to the provision of world class artefacts to art lovers and a fair return to the artists. It is our duty to ensure that both the art collectors and artists get the best possible deal guided by the principles of fairness, honesty, integrity and professionalism.

Talent Village also assists art collectors in shipping of large pieces from Zimbabwe to the respective collector’s country. In addition, we provide free training in the care and maintenance of art pieces. We maintain a database of all our art collectors and we regularly check on them to establish the condition of our art and immediately assist where necessary.

Talent Village also gives art lessons to interested individuals or groups from all over the world through our workshops and cultural exchange programs.